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type: professional monitoring access: subscription license: proprietary

The DrainageDB app (available for Android and iOS) is the mobile inspection application for the DrainageDB management portal. The app facilitates monitoring of drainage system repairs, conditions, violations, and BMPs. DrainageDB subscribers can also use the app to capture photos during inspections. To facilitate working in remote areas without a wireless signal, photos and observations are stored in an "outbox" until they can be synced to the server.

The DrainageDB management portal is a subscription-based solution, with separate accounts for each registered county and watershed district. Once the user picks an account and logs in, the app loads configuration to ensure that e.g. the default map extent matches the geographic boundary of the district.

Implementation Notes

The DrainageDB mobile app is just one component of a larger software system. Rather than using the User model provided django.contrib.auth, the app uses a custom module to integrate with the existing PHP-based authentication infrastructure used by the desktop application. The app also uses a customized wq.db-powered REST API to ensure uploaded observations are properly routed to each account-specific PostgreSQL database.


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