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type: citizen science access: public prototype license: open source

Species Tracker is a concept for a mobile app for biodiversity monitoring. During the Hackfest at the inaugural Citizen Science 2015 conference, we used the wq framework to create a simple prototype that allows anyone to upload photos and GPS coordinates together with species information.

Design Process

Below is a description of the steps we went through at the Hackfest:

  1. Define project goals. What kind of observations do we want volunteers to submit? What metadata do we need? Are there any existing datasets we could use? (Bring your ideas and design concepts!)
  2. Implement rough prototype. We'll rely on the project scaffolding tools provided by the wq framework to get an app up and running quickly. (Experience with GitHub, HTML, Python and/or Ubuntu will be useful but not required.)
  3. Test and refine. Try submitting some photos from your device. How can we improve the user experience? (Bring your mobile and tablet devices!)

Implementation Notes

The outcome of the hackfest was a fully functional prototype application developed in under 2 hours. The application code went on to become the basis of the WyoBio biodiversity monitoring app.


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