wq start

wq version: 1.1 1.2/1.3
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wq start

wq start: Start a new project with wq.app and wq.db. Provided by wq.start.

$ wq start --help


  Start a new project with wq.app and wq.db.  A new Django project will be
  created from a wq-specific template.  Any options not specified via
  arguments will be prompted for instead.

  After running this command, you may want to do the following:

      sudo chown www-data media/
      ./deploy.sh 0.0.0

  See https://v1.wq.io/1.2/docs/setup for more tips on getting started with wq.

  -d, --domain TEXT               Web domain (e.g. example.wq.io)
  --with-gis / --without-gis      Enable GeoDjango
  --with-npm / --without-npm      Enable NPM (& Create React App)
  --npm-install / --skip-npm-install
                                  Run NPM install after creating project
  --with-pgb / --without-pgb      Enable PhoneGap Build
  -i, --app-id TEXT               Application ID (e.g. io.wq.example)
  --help                          Show this message and exit.