Core Software

  wq Framework
Github https://github.com/wq
Twitter @wq_framework
  S. Andrew Sheppard (lead developer)
Homepage https://andrewsheppard.net
Github https://github.com/sheppard
Twitter @sasheppard
Email andrew@wq.io

Project-specific contacts

See the individual project pages for contact information.

Partners and Support

The following partners offer flexible support plans ranging from a couple of hours of installation support to full-service bespoke design, software development, and application hosting.

HEI Geo HEI Geo is a group of dedicated geographic information system (GIS) professionals, computer programmers, scientists, engineers and surveyors within Houston Engineering Inc. delivering innovative and quality geospatial, web, desktop and mobile geospatial solutions. Contact HEI to request a custom quote for wq support, subscription options, and/or bespoke development solutions.

(Do you provide consulting services around the wq framework? Contact us if you are an active contributor to wq and would like to be added to this list.)