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jQuery Mobile SCSS Themes


wq.app provides the ability to generate custom jQuery Mobile Themes via wq/jquery-mobile.scss and wq/swatches.scss, which define some useful SCSS mixins based on the Compass framework. If you're using wq.app, these mixins can be compiled into CSS via the scss option in the wq build process. They can also be used independently by downloading the files and placing them with your other SCSS/SASS code.

wq/jquery-mobile.scss can be used to define additional theme swatches (e.g. 'c', 'd', and so on) for use together with the default swatches ('a' & 'b') provided in jquery.mobile.css. It can also be used to define a fully custom theme, in which case the resulting CSS file should be used together with the included jquery.mobile.structure.css and jquery.mobile.icons.css to provide a complete custom alternative to the default jquery.mobile.css. Note that the generated theme CSS should be loaded before jQuery Mobile's structure.css for correct rule ordering (see the example myproject.css below).

The file wq/jquery-mobile.scss provides two mixins:

If you are only adding additional swatches to the default themes, you will only need to use jquery-mobile-theme(). If you are creating a full custom theme, you will want to use both mixins as in the example below.

Most of the arguments for the theme mixins are optional, with defaults that correspond to the default 'a' swatch and the generic theme created by opening the jQuery Mobile theme roller. In the example below, all of the options are set with their default values, which is somewhat redundant. For an example of an actual project, you may be interested in viewing the themes.scss for this website.

wq/swatches.scss provides a number of predefined jQuery Mobile swatches for common use cases, including a yellow/"alert" swatch and a backwards-compatible theme that mimics jQuery Mobile 1.3 (and earlier) styles.

Swatch Preview Tool


@import url(themes.css);  /* generated via `wq scss` */
@import url(lib/jquery.mobile.icons.css); /* included in wq.app */
@import url(lib/jquery.mobile.structure.css); /* included in wq.app */
@import url(myproject/base.css); /* non-SCSS project-specific styles */


@import "wq/jquery-mobile";

@include jquery-mobile-theme(
  $theme:        a,

  /* Page colors */
  $page-text:    #333,    /* Font color */
  $page-shadow:  #f3f3f3, /* Font shadow color (set to false for no shadow) */
  $page-bg:      #f9f9f9, /* Background color */
  $page-border:  #bbb,    /* Outline color */

  /* Title bar colors */
  $bar-text:     #333,
  $bar-shadow:   #eee,
  $bar-bg:       #e9e9e9,
  $bar-border:   #ddd,

  /* Content colors */
  $body-text:    #333,
  $body-shadow:  #f3f3f3,
  $body-bg:      #fff,
  $body-border:  #ddd,

  /* Hyperlink colors */
  $link:         #38c,
  $link-visited: #38c,
  $link-hover:   #059,
  $link-active:  #059,

  /* Button colors (normal) */
  $up-text:      #333,
  $up-shadow:    #f3f3f3,
  $up-bg:        #f6f6f6,
  $up-border:    #ddd,

  /* Button colors (pressed) */
  $down-text:    #333,
  $down-shadow:  #f3f3f3,
  $down-bg:      #e8e8e8,
  $down-border:  #ddd,

  /* Button colors (hover) */
  $hover-text:   #333,
  $hover-shadow: #f3f3f3,
  $hover-bg:     #ededed,
  $hover-border: #ddd,

  /* Active styles */
  $active-text:   #fff,
  $active-shadow: #059,
  $active-bg:     #38c,
  $active-border: #1c4a70

@include jquery-mobile-theme(
  $theme: b


@include jquery-mobile-global(
  $font:      sans-serif,
  $round:     .6em,
  $btn-round: .3125em,