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The wq build process provides a simple configuration-based way to utilize SCSS, based on the pyScss Python library. SCSS (a form of SASS) is a superset of CSS that helps streamline common CSS patterns.

The default behavior of wq scss is to process all .scss files in the scss/ folder into .css files in the css/ folder (both relative to the current directory). This will overwrite any existing files, so be sure to use different file names for any CSS files you create directly! If you are using a version control system like Git or Subversion, you may also want to use .gitignore or svn:ignore to avoid checking in the compiled css versions of your SCSS files.

You can override the directory paths by specifying an indir and outdir configuration in your wq.yml or via the command line. For more information, run wq scss --help.

The Compass framework provides a number of useful functions for generating cross-browser CSS3 styles including gradients and rounded corners. wq.app includes a Compass-based SCSS stylesheet for generating custom jQuery mobile themes. To utilize these features, you can use wq init to link the assets from Compass and from wq.app's scss folder into your project's scss folder.